Even though it doesn’t seem fair to most business owners, anyone can suggest a change or an edit to your business listing, including your competition. These user-generated changes can be made live on your listing, and you might not even be notified the changes have been made. This includes changing your physical business location.

Even though they might look like it,Business posts are not social media posts. You have up to 1,500 characters for the details of your post, but the ideal length is between 150 and 300 characters, so use these characters wisely. Because the text gets cut off and people need to click on the post to read everything you’ve written, make sure you put the most important content at the beginning of the post. Wasting precious characters is pointless, especially when it don’t help with rankings in any way

Yes! If you have specific questions about Google My Business or have issues with your listing, the best place to go is to the Maytoc